At McCracken Family Dentistry, we offer a wide array of dental services for our patients. To the right, you will find a list of some of these services that we provide. We have also provided some useful information about some general dentistry concerns that you may have regarding these procedures. Simply click on the buttons to the right to learn more about each procedure.  Also, please take a minute and watch our Before & After Slideshow to experience a few cases that were completed by our doctors.

Preventive Home Care:

There is an old saying in the dental profession: “Dental care is not expensive, neglect is.” The truth behind this saying is that the vast majority of dental procedures we do as Dentists are necessary due to inadequate home care by the patient on a daily basis. The mouth is full of bacteria that, when maintained at normal levels, aid in digestion of food and prevent harmful bacteria and fungal infections from getting a foothold. Proper homecare maintains this healthy balance. Inadequate home care allows these bacteria to multiply forming what we call plaque. As this occurs, the levels of bacterial by-products increase. The two main by-products produced are acid and chemical toxins. The acids cause cavities by dissolving the enamel that protects your teeth and the toxins infect your gums. When plaque is not thoroughly removed on a daily basis, calcium and phosphorous minerals in your saliva (a.k.a. "spit") harden it into tartar (calculus) which physically irritates the gum tissue. Simply put, you only develop tartar where you have missed removing plaque on a daily basis.

Aspects of Good Home Care:

Equipment or products


For simplicity, should brush your teeth at least twice daily- in the morning and just before bed. You should also floss once daily. Ideally, you should brush when you wake up to remove the plaque that formed over night, after each meal and before bed. Although very few individuals are able to adhere to such a regiment, striving towards it will greatly improve your oral health.

When brushing, a good rule is to brush for two minutes. Studies have found that most adults only brush for about 42 seconds. For people with all their teeth, not counting wisdom teeth, there are 84 surfaces cleaned by the toothbrush. Only giving each surface 2 seconds will not clean off the plaque and food debris.
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